The World Is A Beautiful Place Essay examples

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Necessary Violence The world is a beautiful place; the way nature works is outstanding. Things in the world are starting to change, and humans are the problem. We, as the population of the world, are deemed to destroy it. Humans do many things as a society to harm the earth. Nations having constant feuds with one another and always ending in troops being deployed. War is a major factor in ruining the earth, and with advances in how war is performed is just a recipe for destruction. Science is taking war to an entire new level; Nuclear warfare; Eletronicware warfare; Naval warfare; and even Chemical warfare. Violence is something in this world that must be stopped, it ruins lives and it ruins our earth. We as a nation need to put our foot down and solve this once and for all. Things need to change when we are in control, things need to change once the war is over, things need to change so we can live in a better world.(Anaphora, (8) dependent clause in a series) Absolute one hundred percent world domination is the key to stopping the violence that plagues our planet. Every couple of years the United States have uprisings of enemies, and in the past they have caused problems. The first step in stopping world wars would be to destroy them all. Use a couple more nuclear missiles, and the innocent people hurt will understand that this is for a greater purpose. The great people in this world have to take the sacrifice of their families being destroyed if that means a brighter…

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