Essay about The World Health Organization, And Historical Conflicts

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Ebola was reintroduced in Guinea during 2014 and became the largest Ebola outbreak in all of history. By discussing foreign political affairs, the World Health Organization, and historical conflicts, I will expand on why I believe that Guinea was well under prepared for such a large outbreak. Tragedy occurred because Guinean culture is much different than western culture, they lack the knowledge and resources of being able to track down and stop the spread of this disease that killed thousands (, Accessed June 7, 2016).
Foreign political affairs had a great deal of influence of the spread of Ebola. Firstly, when Guinea became independent, they received aid from the United States, but it was not enough to modernize completely. Without modernization, this means lack of education that is needed to help the people become educated about important things, such as proper practices to prevent the spread of diseases. Lack of aid also means less health care centers. With growing populations, there needs to be proper treatment all around to help fight sicknesses and at large, deadly diseases. Even when Guinea started to develop some health centers, the governments who were sending aid, didn’t pay for them. The households in Guinea were paying for them, and with little income, they could not pay for big outbreaks. They soon had vertical systems that targeted specific groups of people, for example, women who are breastfeeding and children under the age of five (Benton, A. and…

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