The Work Of Rodriguez, By Luis Rodriguez Essay

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In the work of Rodriguez, we are introduced we accounts regarding Chicano gay men and their experience. In his essay, Rodriguez explores the concept of carnalismo as way to study gay Chicano men and their consciousness. Specifically, Rodriguez states the following: “Understanding Chicano gay male articulations of identity, desire, and experience in relation to this discourse sheds light on the impulses behind the simultaneous embracing and resignifying of family narratives, such as carnalismo, that contribute to the constitution of Chicano gay male consciousness” (Rodriguez 2011, 114). In other words, Carnal Knowledge seeks to examine the relationship between community and brotherhood in gay Chicano men. Furthermore, Rodriguez goes on to discuss the sexual aspect of homosexuality and the relationship between the community. That is to say, he addresses the following: 1) how the idea of being women is regarded to be a negative characteristic and 2) how homosexuality is relates to family ties (i.e. if family approves and how it is viewed).
As for the other passage written by Hurtado, it discusses hegemonic masculinity. The way in which More than Men: Latino Feminist Masculinities and Intersectionality is structured is as follows: it begins by defining hegemonic masculinity and the purpose of the passage, followed by describing the method, and then by revealing the results. It is by performing this study that Hurtado analyses the concept of masculinity within Chicano men who…

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