Essay about The Work Of Martha Graham

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Martha Graham was a skilled and influential dancer who touched the lives of many. As an influential figure in someone’s life, one would leave a lasting mark on his or her actions, tendencies and personality. Graham left more than a lasting mark on the lives of Merce Cunningham and Paul Taylor; she gave them training to become the dancers and choreographers that they were destined to be. Martha started the idea of innovation and modernization in dance; Cunningham and Taylor continued it. Martha Graham had a lasting impact on the lives and work of these two men; although they both went their own ways and created techniques and dance companies of their own, Graham’s influence on both artists is still clear in their work. Martha Graham was born in 1894 in, what is now Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ("Martha Graham- Biography"). In her years of performance and choreography Graham has developed a name and status of herself which one could not deny as prominent and innovative. From the beginning Graham was inspired by dance and movement, influenced by her father who used movement to aid nervous disorders ("Martha Graham- Biography"). Already interested in studying dance, but not yet able to until her father died, Graham began dancing with professional intent, later in her life. When Graham joined the Denishawn School she was instructed with the technique of Ruth St. Denis and Ted Shawn. Denishawn taught an eclectic array of dance styles, and set to prepare dancers to be diverse and…

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