The Wizard Of Oz By L Frank Baum Essay

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Fairy tales are stories that we grew up with as children. Many of these classic tales were used as a way to teach important morals at the time of their creation. However many of these stories contained one-dimensional, stereotypical characters with simple, almost predictable, plots. This was how many fairy tales were told until 1900 when L Frank Baum wrote The Wizard of Oz. L Frank Baum thought differently of these stories and wanted The Wizard of Oz to be a modernized fairytale. The term modernized, in the context of Baum, pertains to the 20th century, the era in which the books were written. It is important to understand Baum’s book was primarily made for the children audience of that era. Therefore when looking through the story through the eyes of a 20th century child, The Wizard of Oz does meet Baum’s expectation of a modern fairy tale. He creates this modern fairy tale by his development of multi-dimensional characters, his use of American values found in his anthropomorphic characteristics, and the development of the world in which the story takes place, and its similarities to the real world.
Many classic fairy tales, such Brother Grimm tales and Arabian Nights, contain one-dimensional characteristics and are often considered stereotypes. However, Baum does the complete opposite when it comes to The Wizard of OZ. Many of his characters are multi-dimensional. One of these characters is out main heroine herself, Dorothy. When the witch takes one of her silver…

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