The Little Red Cap: An Analysis

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Fairy Tales are written with a purpose to entertain, mimic life situations, assist as a guide and to teach life lessons. However, in today’s modern society, original fairy tales are transformed into non-sequiturs in order to convey present day messages. In the original version of the Little Red Cap, the symbolism and messages are used to educate and be more direct towards children. The non-sequitur version of the Little Red Cap focuses more on modern problems people may face in today’s world. Though both stories teach and focus on different lessons, both convey and discuss meaningful messages that would benefit our society as a whole. Overall, fairytales and non-sequiturs teach moral lessons that many people could benefit from.
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The element of the older fairy tale focuses on general everyday messages that should be taught to young children. However, the new and reworked version of the fairy tale focuses on a situation that is currently happening in our society. The non-sequitur cartoon of the Little Red Cap focuses on scamming. In the cartoon, Little Red Cap is not naive and is actually aware of the current situation regarding her grandmother. The wolf symbolizes a scammer trying to take away Grandmother’s property. However, the roles have switched where the grandmother is now the naive character that has no idea of what the wolf is actually trying to do. In the original fairy tale, the hunter is the hero for saving Little Red Cap and her grandmother. However, the counterpart of the hunter, the police officer, is no use as he reads through the contracts the grandmother signed. The police officer states that everything is legal and that he can be of no assistance. Thus, the grandmother in the end loses her property to the wolf and the Little Red Cap does not come out vengeful. At the end of the cartoon, Danae is actually reading the tragic story of the Little Red Cap to Sally in which the title of the book reads, Grim Reality Tales. The cartoon stresses a harsh reality that is currently happening in our society today. There have been countless of scams that target old citizens in which they lose their property and …show more content…
The original fairy tale gives a more general and life message that usually targets young children. These messages would educate children to listen to instructions when told and to not talk to strangers. Also, this teaches children to not wander off as they could potentially be in danger. These are lessons that can be used in everyday situations and can protect children or anyone in the future. However, in the non-sequitur version, it mostly focuses on a specific problem that occurs in our society today. The cartoon highlights on scammers and how senior citizens fall for their words. This leads to senior citizens losing their property and money like how it is portrayed in the cartoon. Though both the original and the non-sequitur have different life messages, their lessons are still relevant to today's

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