The Withdrawal Of Syrian Refugees Essay

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Acceptance of Syrian Refugees

Congress should support legislation to allow Syrian refugees into this country. One might argue that with the possibility of terrorists entering the U.S. and the fears associated with the number of refugees coming into the country why this legislation should be upheld. The United States of America is the land of opportunity to everyone who enters here legally. We are a people who have built our country over hundreds of years based on strong principles. It is simply the right thing to do: to help those in need. More specifically, the Syrian refugees should be welcomed into the U.S. because: 1) not all refugees are terrorists, 2) we need to set an example for the rest of the world and 3) we do not want to repeat mistakes that we made in the past that could lead us to repeat history.

There have been numerous accounts that have helped us to realize that not all refugees are terrorists and that many are simply humans in need. For instance, it is very common for there to be widows and children that find it almost impossible to build a new life without their husbands and fathers. Huda Kalaf tried to convince her husband not to fight and leave her and her children behind, but her husband did so anyway and died at the hands of his own country’s murderous government (Refuge). Our own country went through something similar to gain our freedom from Britain during the American Revolution. Many have forgotten what it took for our forefathers to fight for…

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