The Wire Movie Analysis

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A New Look At The Drug War The TV show “The Wire” focused on the dilemma of drug trade and the difficulty to find a solution to it. The series revolved around Major Colvin, the head of the Western Police District looking to salvage what was left worth salvaging in Baltimore. Colvin came up with an idea that allowed drug dealers to trade as long as it was within one of the three free zones which contained no residents. Before the free zones were created, dealers constantly stayed in front of the residents home making the residents feel insecure and unease. However, now that the free zones here, the residents can now leave and enter their home without feeling worried and now they could even do outdoor activities which they couldn’t do before. Although the residents now live peacefully, the dealers that live in the free zones are the ones to suffer as there is no water or food in any of these areas. One of the zones, Hamsterdam, showed horrible living conditions as there were prostitutes …show more content…
However, Hamsterdam was at least able to make a change compared to the previous methods which were constantly repeated, but never produced any results which gave residents hope and belief that the police can make a change. After Hamsterdam’s discovery, it brought to light the real problems of Baltimore to the public. During Carcetti’s speech regarding Hamsterdam, he says,“we turned away from those streets in West Baltimore. The poor, the sick, the swollen underclass of our city trapped in the wreckage of neighborhoods which were once so prized”(The Wire, Part 3). Hamsterdam made such a strong impact on Councilman Carcetti that he makes a speech about how everyone needs to step up take responsibility for this city and everyone that lives in it, no matter who they are. This creates a possibility to permanently end the drug war if we don’t treat it was a war, but as people who need

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