The Wire Scene Analysis

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The Wire Scene Analysis
The Wire is a crime drama television series set and produced in Baltimore, Maryland, created and written by author and former police reporter David Simon. The Series is centered on the Baltimore Police department and the Barksdale crew, a drug organization. The show has an overriding metaphor at play, something many characters refer to as the game. The scene that signifies this metaphor and has multiple comparisons to is the chess scene in episode 3, The Buys. In this scene a higher ranked drug dealer and the head of the organizations’ nephew, D’Angelo teaches two young drug dealers how to play chess and the game.
In this scene many metaphors show how D’Angelo understands the rigged, underlying and exposed nature of
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The king is Avon and as D’Angelo says “The king stays the king”. No matter how much you do, no matter how many of the Kings enemies you kill or how much money you make for the organization you will never be king. The king does not do any work, he uses his pawns or soldiers and even the queen to do his dirty work. As you see in The Wire, Avon rarely ventures into the pit, gets involved in fights or deals drugs personally. One of the other positions in chess that is highly rated is the queen. The queen in chess can move anywhere it wants, is actively involved in strategies and the plot or game. In The Wire Stringer Bell most accurately represents the queen in chess. Stringer is the man that does all the dirty work for Avon (the king). Whenever there is a problem or confrontation Stringer is the one that takes care of it. The Queen is a position that you can work to get there, but only if the king allows it and the old queen is dead or no longer favored by the king. These two pieces are the most well-known in the game of chess but although they are significant they are not the only important aspects in the game. As Lester Freamon said, “And all the pieces …show more content…
The smaller game between Omar and Avon shows a strong opponent on both sides. On one side Avon is constantly worried about the threat of Omar and is forced to take precautions after Omar is a set character in the series. On the other hand Omar is constantly having to be multiple steps ahead of the Barksdale organization as it is so large and powerful. After the killing of Omar’s boyfriend, Brandon, Omar is especially aggressive against the Barksdale crew. The rival between these two escalated so immensely Avon put a contract or bounty on

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