The White Tunic And Jesus Christ Essay example

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church, “He led the way out of the hall, smiling and waving at the many hands that reached out to grasp his white tunic as if touching him would heal them of an illness,”(90-91). The “white tunic” is obviously an allusion to Jesus Christ, who is normally portrayed in a white robe. The people trying to touch him as if it “would heal them of an illness” portrays the reverence they hold towards Papa. Healing by touch is something that has been in Christianity for hundreds of years, and is usually reserved for the holiest of saints and relics. After Jaja’s refusal to go to Mass, Papa throws a missal at him and later demands an explanation, to which Jaja replies, “‘Mba, there are no words in my mouth,’ Jaja replied. ‘What?’ There was a shadow clouding Papa’s eyes, a shadow that had been in Jaja’s eyes. Fear. It had left Jaja’s eyes and entered Papa’s,”(13). The fear Jaja originally possesses is the fear of his father, Papa. In the past, Jaja and Kambili have both been beaten for committing smaller infractions, such as eating before Mass or spending too much time with their Igbo grandfather. It is so commonplace, Kambili can anticipate Papa’s actions. For example, after Jaja spent too much time with Father Nnukwu, his Igbo grandfather, she notes, “Papa was walking toward Jaja. He spoke entirely in Igbo now. I thought he would pull at Jaja’s ears, that he would tug and yank at the same pace as he spoke, that he would slap Jaja’s face and his palm would make that sound…”(69).…

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