The Whale Family Essay

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Is it right to slaughter families, and kidnap their children for the entertainment, and curiosity of the public? This is exactly what takes place during the capture of young orcas for Seaworld and other aquariums. Orca whales are among the most intelligent, and emotional creatures on this earth. Many believe orcas to be part of the whale family, however orcas are actually part of the dolphin family. This species differs from any other whale species, as they have large, complex brains, and navigate by using a melon (a structure in their foreheads) to create clicking sounds, otherwise known as sonar. It is believed that these creatures are also among the most social animals, as they travel in large groups of families called pods. Pods can travel hundreds of miles per day, and sometimes dive as deep as 866 ft. Killer whales can be found in every ocean across the world, and are considered to be the most cosmopolitan of all marine animals (Heydenreich, Erin. "Center for Whale Research). The first Orca was captured in 1961 in Newport Harbor, California, this whale was a mature female, who had been found disoriented and sickly. Two days after her capture she had smashed her rostrum into the walls of her tank and died instantly .A few years later, the second attempt to capture an orca whale came in 1964, near East point, Saturna Island in British Columbia, the whale, named Moby Doll, lived in captivity for about 87 days, until he died from a skin disease due to the harbor’s…

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