Essay about The Weight Industry Of The Us

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Dieting has become one of the most common ways to lose weight in the US today. In 2013, the dieting industry in the US was valued at $60.5 billion. This was a 1.8% decline from the previous year. Worldwide the dietary industry made about $586.3 billion in 2014. (Wilmington)With the amount of money this industry is making, many people would think that the best way to lose weight is with these miracle cures. However, a majority of dietary supplements and plans are ineffective and costly to the consumer. The US today is struggling with children and adults who are overweight or obese. Many Americans aren 't very physically active. One reason is that many people spend hours in front of TVs and computers doing work, schoolwork, and video games. Other reasons for not being active is due to the reliance on cars instead of walking. There are fewer physical demands at work or at home because of modern technology and conveniences, and lack of physical education classes in schools. People who are inactive are more likely to gain weight because they don 't burn the calories that they take in from food and drinks. A large portion of America live a busy lifestyle and don’t have the time to cook healthy meals every day. Working long hours afford the finer things in life does not leave us enough time to go the gym and workout nor does it allow us enough time to make home cooked meals every night. It is much easier to go out to a McDonald’s or Taco Bell and order some affordable, quick food…

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