The Weakness Of Mcdonald's Challenges

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As mentioned earlier, the McDonalds business model has enabled the corporation to ultimately expand from a single, California location into some 30,000 worldwide locations. However, that is not to say that McDonald’s is free from challenges. Consumers are continuously becoming more health conscious, which frequently puts them at odds with McDonald’s menu items. This message is even driven home by media outlets and non-governmental organizations that have often likened McDonalds to a societal bane responsible for so many health related ills. As a result, McDonalds faces the very real possibility that people may abandon eating at its restaurants and choosing healthier options instead. Furthermore, disputes between corporate and franchisees …show more content…
One weakness that McDonalds has is that at certain locations they have a low accuracy rate of getting customers orders wrong. This is a problem because this can slow down their drive through line by having uncertain customers check the contents of their bag by not trusting that their order is correct. For example in the Johnson City area when it comes to accuracy Pals another fast food competitors have them beat when it comes to accuracy. Pals refuses to use microphones and will take your order face to face so that little mistakes like not wanting pickles on your burger don’t happen. Another drive through weakness McDonalds has is time. It is not uncommon for you to put in a order at a McDonalds drive through and they kindly ask you to pull forward so they can have more time to prepare your order or even be the third customer they have that is having to wait on a simple order. This is sometimes due to rush hours or poor pre planning to where you have to wait for certain times to be cooked since they have ran out like frys for …show more content…
In fact, turmoil since 2014 in the Asian markets has taken a toll. In China McDonalds was supplied chicken and beef that was expired and contaminated. The Chinese public responded by significantly reducing their patronage. This ultimately led to significant sales decreases. However, problems in the Asian market were not just limited to supply chain mishaps. The Russian invasion of Crimea prompted Western nations to place economic sanctions on Russia. The Kremlin mounted a response of its own, which included temporarily closing a number of McDonald’s outlets within Russia. The end results of the political tensions were further sales decreases within the Asian market. Unfortunately problems within the Asian marketplace moved to a new front as massive strikes occurred at Japanese ports. These strikes prevented American farmed potatoes from entering Japan. Consequently, Japanese McDonalds restaurants did not have access to the potatoes they needed to produce French fries. This ultimately led to frustrated people and French fry rationing. Frustrations were also felt by McDonalds as the tumultuous Asian marketplace once again dealt the corporate entity a sales reducing

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