The War On The Vietnam War Essay

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Vietnam War
Imagine a place so full of hatred, with so much war that the thought of a quick death is blissful; now imagine returning home from that and having every person you once knew think of you as a monster. The Vietnam war started in 1955, because of the communist aggression in that region. The very reason why the United States entered the war was to stop the unification of Vietnam under communist control; two years later this is exactly what happened. President Nixon enacted vietnamization, the removal of United States forces from Vietnam, in 1973. The U.S. surrendered, because they were not willing to make a full commitment to win, with enough resources already spent on the war and 58,000 American soldiers lost (national archives). The environment the troops went through in Vietnam was an unimaginable site. Children were used as weapons, soldiers slept in mud, and unlike other wars they were not viewed as heros. The environment both on and off the battlefield in the Vietnam war had a negative effect and worsened American soldiers psychological condition. Visualize yourself in a marsh, bullets whistle by your head, and cries of dying men lull you to sleep. Vietnam has a tropical monsoon climate, with the humidity being 84 percent throughout the year and the substantial rainfall leaves the ground a swamp ( Soldiers then had to dig fox holes in the ground as their sleeping quarters. Can you picture yourself sleeping in a dark hole in the ground,…

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