The War On Drugs Has Been A Catastrophic Failure Essay

1265 Words May 6th, 2016 6 Pages
The War on Drugs has been a catastrophic failure. It has failed to decrease crime, the use of drugs, and has cause innocent people to get hurt in the process by getting rid of basic human rights. You would think a four decade war would produce some positive results right? No, it has just cause harm and the rise of some of the world 's most dangerous criminals. It has also given police the right to act as criminals with immunity of almost all actions. It has desensitized us to the pain of others and even paved way to a new set of Jim Crow laws. But maybe, all this wrong is actually a sign of good happening. Over the next few pages I tell you about the the terrible things that have happen thanks to this war, and even explain how these atrocities could be a good thing.
This War on Drugs has not only failed to stop the now criminal act selling and buying of drugs, but has also failed to make it difficult for people to get cheap drugs.2 Maybe if the Drug Enforcement Agency was able to atleast make prices of drugs go up, making it difficult for the average joe to buy the substance, then they could consider the War at least a partial success. But people can still go and get cheap drugs almost any time they want. Now back to the reduction of crime, which is the ideal goal, or at least the public’s goal on the War. You think the most powerful nation in the world declaring war on drugs, getting governments all over the planet to help, would help reduce crime and decrease the drug…

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