The War Of World War II Essay

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Desperate measures had to be taken to bring an end to World War II. The war promised to drag on, which would result in many more American deaths. By dropping the first two atomic bombs in history, America ensured that World War II came to a rapid conclusion. Although these bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki cost many Japanese their lives, doing so was compulsory to ensure an end to World War II. Dropping these atomic bombs was an extremely difficult but necessary decision that America had to make. The Allies met in Potsdam, Germany to discuss the war at hand. The Japanese were still fighting strongly, and seemed unready to give up. The Allies decided to issue an ultimatum to the Japanese that required them to surrender, but the Japanese refused. This confirmed the belief that force would be compulsory to end World War II. To do so, the United States of America used their newly developed atomic weapons. These bombs were the first atomic weapons to be deployed in actual combat. Atomic weapons were new to the world, and were kept a secret until after they were dropped on Japan. Most people had never even heard of these atomic bombs until The New York Times report on August 7th, 1945, the day after the first bomb was dropped.
The race to determine how to utilize atomic power was a costly and rushed endeavor. American and British scientists worked together to discover this power before the German scientists. Wanting to gain this knowledge to…

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