Essay about The War Of The Vietnam War

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Nurses that served in the Vietnam War experienced a tremendous amount of horrific tragedies and stressful events. They are commended for all of the time they served and the dedication to their country, along with the advice they brought home with them. Most of the research done on the Vietnam War is on the war itself and the men who fought during it but not so much the women. All of the nurses who signed up for the war were volunteers. Approximately 7500 US military nurses served in Vietnam during the war . Women volunteered for a number of reasons such as to begin a military career, acquire more nursing training, or to pay for a nursing education. Patriotism and a sense of duty were ultimately the motivating factors behind their decision. An army nurse summed up these reasons for volunteering when she said, I had a very good friend die in Vietnam and another friend severely injured. How could I say, “Oh no not me,” when the men my age were going. What I thought I should say was, “How come not me.
From earlier in their lives, girls learned the responsibility of caring for others. While the boys played baseball outside, the girls played house inside. They viewed themselves as mothers, sisters, and friends- not as individuals . Nursing then became the logical career choice for women. Once they arrived in the war zone, Army, Navy, and Air Force nurses experienced professional strains of working with young, severely wounded casualties who were often younger than them. A…

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