The War Of The Vietnam War Essay

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The Vietnam war was, arguably the most controversial war America started, the war that generated some of the largest opposition movements in American history and the war that ended with America losing. It has become the subject of ongoing discussion and debate because of its many aspects that shocked and confused the world. Some areas of debate regarding the war include the assumptions that caused its escalation and the argument about whether the war could have ended on different terms. According to George Herring and Loren Baritz, Americas limited war theory and their arrogant beliefs about themselves were the main assumptions that guided the escalation of the Vietnam war and are also the reason why the historians did not believe the war would have a different outcome. George Herring argues that the assumption of “Limited war theory” was an assumption that played a prominent role in the escalation of the war. Limited warfare as described by Stephen Peter Rosen is when “They combine political, military, and diplomatic dimension in the most complicated way” (Hollitz 280). It is a type of warfare that is very difficult for anyone to successfully wage and that is why Herring was convinced that it contributed to the escalation in Vietnam. He states that America 's leadership “operated under the mistaken assumption that limited war was more an exercise in crisis management then the application of strategy, and they were thus persuaded that gradual escalation would achieve their…

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