The War Of The Vietnam War Essay

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1. Until the War in Afghanistan, The Vietnam War was the longest war in American history. For Americans, the war spanned over a time period of 15 years, however for the Vietnamese people the struggle for independence and self-determination lasted much longer than that. A small American involvement that started with a group of key advisors eventually escalated into a large scaled war that had an army of over half a million American soldiers.
The American involvement in Vietnam started slowly. During the first Vietnam War that was fought between Vietnam and France following World War II, the United States provided over two billion dollars in aid to the French with the hopes of defeating the communist Vietminh. Ultimately the French were defeated and many Vietnamese people saw the Vietminh as nationalist heroes who fought successfully for independence. Much of the efforts made in Vietnam were part of the U.S policy of containment. There was a huge fear that if the U.S did not become involved helping create a strong democratic state that Vietnam would fall to communism and soon after many other Asian countries would follow. The domino effect would create a growing power and alliance of communist countries with the Soviet Union and China.
After the French defeat, the Geneva Accords had been signed in 1954 that would divide Vietnam into two parts, the communist North and democratic South. The accords also called for nationwide elections in two years to reunify the country. The…

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