The War Of The United States Essay

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War has always been a controversial issue in the United States. For a war to get public approval, the government has to successfully justify the war and lay out a clear plan for its quick and honorable end. Most wars have been justified as being for the defense of the United States or its interests. Prior to and including World War II, if the President decided that war was needed, he would ask Congress for an official declaration of war. This process is enumerated in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution. A state of war was recognized before the President deployed troops and commenced his power as Commander-in-Chief. The controversy surrounding war has escalated as a result of United States involvement in foreign wars after World War II. In general, the President bypassed the congressional declaration of war as a result of a United Nations resolution or an act of terror upon the United States. However, in these cases the Constitution still requires a formal declaration of war. Since World War II, the United States has unconstitutionally entered wars without a formal declaration of war from Congress.
The Constitution specifically outlines how the U.S. can get involved in a war and how war will be dealt with. Once the President sees a clear reason for entering a war, he must first ask Congress for an official declaration of war. In Article 1, Section 8, the Constitution states, “The Congress shall have Power…To declare War.” Although this section has the “necessary and…

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