Importance Of The War Powers Act

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The War Powers Act, is a legislative act by Congress meant to curb the military actions as directed under the president. The Act has great significance, and conflicts with Congress. The Act presents many problems. The War Powers Act is a legislative action that entails historical importance as well as determines the intentions of presidents who understand the law.
War Powers Act
What Is It The Wars Powers Act is a measure by congress passed in response to the Watergate scandal under president Nixon. The act states that “the president must notify Congress within 48 hours after deployment of troops into a hostile situation… the president can only commit troops into a hostile situation for 60 days without Congressional approval. After the 60
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As an inherent power, the power to direct and control the armed forces is under the presidents control. As such, the first part of the act allows the president to engage when there is an immediate threat, however. The ability to command the armed forces without a set amount of time, or rather constraint, would inevitably cause damage to the US. So, it is then important to have the second part of the Act. As such the president’s personal view on what’s immediate or a threat could be defined in any way, so it is then up to Congress to limit such capabilities or even to allow that threat to be declared …show more content…
This is largely the case because the president sees his position as one that does not need Congressional approval under the faithfully executed clause in the oath of office which is largely interpreted on a subjective basis. Which means that under the constitution, as commander and chief, a present sees is position as one that does not need Congresses’ approval and that such legislation violates the constitution as a whole. Essentially, the president understands the wording in the constitution to mean that the positon of president, and that position alone, has sole authority over the armed

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