Essay on The War Of The United States Guns

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In the United States guns are integrated in our culture, and a human has a choice to defend what remains theirs, and people stand by that belief. Since the upstart of our nation, citizens have had a constitutional right to keep and bear arms, and that right shall not be infringed, even as the country becomes further populated, and weapons become increasingly lethal. For many, guns are a way of life, they are tools in which aid humans to more effectively hunt, and defend against enemies both foreign and domestic. If the means of defense are stolen from a human, what would that human be left with to stop, both quickly and effectively, an individual who obtains an illegal weapon from inflicting damage? That stands to be the primal reason that many Americans will never relinquish their right to bear arms. The United States of America would significantly benefit from taking another look at whom our weapons are being distributed to, even more so than just making it harder for law abiding citizens to acquire a firearm.
Guns are potentially dangerous, there is no question about it, but with todays advancements in technology, a gun is virtually dangerous only in the hands of a human operator, for as it is said, it is the finger that pulls the trigger. So rather than banning guns, it would be the wiser decision to ban potentially dangerous human operators from owning a firearm. If the government were to put added effort into making sure that guns were being obtained by responsible…

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