The War Of The Soviet Union Essay

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The plan was simple. All Richard Nixon had to do was go to The Soviet Union, Moscow to be exact and show off the new American exhibition and show the world that the United States was truly the only superpower in the world, and that Russia had no chance to survive. That was the plan, if Nixon could pull it off. It would be a intimating facing off with Nikita Khrushchev, but Nixon knew he could do it. President Eisenhower was counting on him after all.
But, there is where the problem lay most of all. See right before Nixon left, it was confirmed that Khrushchev would be the first Russian Premier to step foot on American soil based on Eisenhower’s invitation. Except, that really wasn’t what the former war hero had in mind when he suggested his aid to invited Khrushchev to America. What Eisenhower had in mind was basically a business deal. Khrushchev had to remove USSR troops from Berlin ( or at least stop trying to take over Western Berlin), and then if he did that Eisenhower would welcome him with open arms in the United States.
This is why Eisenhower was so surprised when word came back that the Russian Premier had agreed to a visit to the US that summer.Khrushchev had been pushing on east Berlin for years, and all it took was a offer to visit the US, that backed him down from a fight? It couldn’t be that easy. And come to find out it wasn’t.
What happened was that yes, Khrushchev accepted the invitation to visit the US. But he did not accept the terms that he had to leave…

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