The War Of The Soviet Union Essay

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Peace through Strength It was a cold day in March 1946 when Winston Churchill took the stage at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri to deliver what would become one of his well-known speeches. The 74 year-old had recently been voted out of office in England, nonetheless he was still giant on the world stage. A small stage was erected so that the vast crowds of people present could hear him speak. In his address, Churchill would warn of the growing power of the Soviet Union, saying “From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, an iron curtain has descended across the Continent.” Churchill’s observations and dire predictions would prove true in the coming decades. For the next fifty years, the Soviet Union and the United States would be pitted against each other in a war of ideologies. The battlefield of this war was the globe, and every nation had to choose between freedom and communism. For half a century America and the Soviet Union each sought to influence the world at the others expense. Eventually the US sponsored ideals of freedom triumphed, but only because of a successful military strategy which became known as “Peace through Strength.” Supporting America’s allies in the face communist insurrection emboldened nations to defend their natural freedom, and freedom breeds prosperity. While the nations of the Soviet Union crumbled under the weight of the state, the allies of America became some of the most successful nations on the Earth. America had to…

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