The War Of The Revolutionary War Essay

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During the Revolutionary war General George Washington would use Spies, and surveillance to scout and maneuver the continental army around the British forces as well as pay people off and mislead the British to gain the advantage. There are many instances where Washington’s use of the espionage tactics helped them gain the upper hand. After the war Washington would become obviously become president where he would later ask congress to fund Intelligence Operations. Eventually in the following in July of 1790 congress funded the “Secret Service” which gave about 40,000 for the purposes Washington asked for. By 1793 the fund would reach 1 million, or more than 10% of the United States budget.
Then after that Washington left it seems that the executive use of Foreign intelligence or any intelligence of any kind would seem to fade away, one such example was that by James Madison and his Secretary of War failed to detect the British until they were 16 miles north of the white house where they would eventually burn down the white house, although to Madison and the Secretary of War that was truly unthinkable. It was not till the Civil War did we see tactical intelligence in use.
The Civil War however was a major time for combative intelligence. There were spy rings throughout the war on both sides, and worked quiet efficiently. Union Code breakers would eventually learn how to decode the Confederate codes and would help with winning the war. Also a less effective outcome of the war…

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