The War Of The Civil War Essays

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Between the years of 1861-65 there was much confusion in what was relatively known as the United States. During this time the civil war was being dealt with. A war that had nothing to benefit for America for the fact that it was a battle between America itself, two opposing sides (north and, south) fighting for reasons they personally believed in. In which decided to do anything to protect, but in the end we all know that slavery was the essential issue that divided the north and the south during the civil war. However, some may argue that the “true cause” leans more toward “states right.” Therefore, it led to one of Americas darkest memories also known as the civil war. It all started out with a term we recognize as “Westward Expansion.” America - a new and young country – was continuously expanding further. And in that effort the direction in which the country was going was westward. Meaning that once the territories were settled in they had to divide the area into different states as the first settlers did when they got there. Another matter at hand was weather each new state created would be a free or, slave state. And like every decision there are two opposite sides which were the north and the south. The south was all for expanding their grip of slavery into the new territory. The north on the other hand, was pushing for more free land and would not stand to see this new land be “corrupted” with the influences of slavery and, of course such a dispute led…

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