The War Of The Civil War Essay

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1. Although slavery proved to be a major cause of the Civil War, several other factors contributed to the war between Northern and Southern States. The issue of states’ rights became a secondary cause for the Civil War. Southern politicians like John C. Calhoun contended that the states should be able to protect the institution of slavery by canceling out any laws that the Federal Government tried to pass that were unconstitutional. The issue of state’s rights as the cause of the Civil War is further seen in the South, which still held onto the idea of a loose confederation of states as written in the Articles of Confederation. Political turmoil and strife became another reason to the cause of the Civil War. With the potential split in the Democratic Party in the South and the almost certain Republican victory in the North tensions between the two sides ran high. Economic differences were another cause for the Civil War, while the Northern States had industrialized producing much of their goods in factories, the Southern States still held to their agrarian roots. This led the South still needing the institution of slavery to help support their economy and make it thrive. With slavery still in use on many of the bigger plantations and farms in the South, many people in the North spoke out against the institution wanting it banned throughout the country. With Lincoln’s victory, this led to the boiling point with many Southern States leading to the secession of South Carolina.…

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