The War Of The Civil War Essay

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The Civil War was a great example of not meeting eye to eye. It took place from April 12, 1861 through April 9, 1865. This was a war to determine whether or not the South also known as the Confederacy would succeed from the North also referred to as the Union. Everything about the Union had snapped and soon caused “most terrible war in the nation’s history” (Brinkley 2014). The year 1864 through 1865 greatly impacted the lives of the soldiers and civilians of the Civil War. The Union hard war was a ripple effect, affecting everything in its path. It impacted them by causing anxiety in the civilians, worn down soldiers, and caused an abundance of deaths in both soldiers and civilians. The North was more in favor for hard war because it was meant to break down the South until they could not take it anymore. “Make old and young, rich and poor, feel the hard hand of war” (Sherman, 1864). The effect of this military plan eventually caused the South to surrender to the North and return back to the Northern dominance. The civilians were tremendously impacted by Sherman’s hard war. William T. Sherman was planning to take down the South and do it within its people. Sherman’s led his army on September 2, 1864 to Atlanta. The plan was to burn down Atlanta because it had a railroad hub, warehouses, and was the industrial center of the Confederacy. He also made the civilians evacuate the city. This caused all the civilians to be filled with anxiety. “Since Atlanta, I have felt as if…we…

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