The War Of The Arab Civil War Essay

2480 Words Oct 18th, 2016 10 Pages
There are countless problems that are a hindrance to society as a whole. There is the ever expanding nuclear program in North Korea, the rapid growth of China in the South China Sea, and the Russian encroachment into Ukraine. Probably one of the most challenging of these problems is the rise of islamist organizations, such as the Islamic State, that are creating havoc on the battlefields of the Syrian civil war. This is a puppet conflict for Russia to show that it is a superpower in the world. They want to show the United States and the rest of the world that Russia is better and more organized militarily and were able stabilize the Middle East. Another reason that Russia is involving itself in this conflict is to protect its interests in Syria. This has begun the strategy of using refugees of the conflict as a weapon. This has caused a division between allies of the United States and a devision of the European Union. This along with the United States actively working to overthrow the Assad regime by funding and training rebels that are also in direct conflict with the Islamic State. All of these issues are important to the safety of the United States and should be solved as quickly as possible. The weaponization of the refugees is of the upmost importance of the United States government because, it creates tension with allies of the state and could make it more difficult to obtain assistance fighting and defeating the Islamic State. There are many ways that the United…

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