Essay about The War Of The American Civil War

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American Civil War, Trent Affair as well as St Albans, Manifest Destiny, Fenian Raids, and Britain’s stance are all things that had a part in either pushing the British North American Colonies together or apart.

The American Civil War: The American civil war had many events that occurred. During the time of 1861 to 1865 May southern stated with drawled any relations from the united stated and formed the confederate states of America. The withdrawal of the southern states was rejected from the United States, and they declared this act as rebellion, this also had a lot to do with the fact that the southern states wanted more control over the issues of slavery and over economic and political decisions. A terrible and brutal war begun when the confederate states started fighting, it ended in 1865 and during this time the north had defeated the south, but it also caused several other countries getting involved. Britain and France both proclaimed neutrality in the war. But Britain was in need of cotton which was something the southern states, they needed this as they had as they had an even bigger demand in their textile industry. Several union ships tried to block shipments of cotton from leaving the south. To try to avoid the blockade the British built small fast ships called blockade runners, they could smuggle cotton out of the south to Britain. Many Americans in the northern states began to look suspiciously at Britain, because although the British government still…

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