The War Of The American Civil War Essay

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Throughout history, war has been at the forefront of politics and has led to the formation of some of the greatest societies and movements of all time. That being said, war has also led to the ultimate downfall of enormous empires and movements that at one point were sparked with enthusiasm. In short, it brings the most glorious of times and the worst; thousands of human beings dead, families and nations left grieving, and beliefs shattered like glass – all the aftermath of a brutal, hard-fought war. The United States of America, considered one of the greatest nations of all-time, was not-so united at one point. In fact, throughout the mid-1800’s the whole nation was divided over a single lingering issue – slavery. That massively-inhumane issue is what ultimately led to the American Civil War, leaving a country divided and forming the Union and the Confederacy, more simply-put the North and South. Throughout the Civil War, countless amounts of battles took place, arguably none as brutal as the Battle of Gettysburg. The Battle of Gettysburg was later brought to light through astonishing detail and realism in the works of Michael Shaara and his book, Killer Angels. Through the use of personal accounts from key individuals throughout the battle, Shaara provides an astonishing journey that takes the reader through three blazing summer days in which blood is shed profusely on both sides. Throughout Killer Angels, the viewpoints and accounts of several key individuals are provided…

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