Essay about The War Of Politics : Liberals Vs Conservatives

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The War of Politics: Liberals vs Conservatives
Democracy in the United States American is made up of two main political parties, republicans and democrats. The common view of each party breaks down to liberals (Democrats) versus conservatives (Republicans) (Wilson & Dilulio, 2005). Instead of both sides working together to create policies for the greater good of the country, it seems that each side would rather dig their heels in the mud and take a stand that the other should be more like them.
Before you can understand liberalism or conservatisms, you must understand the basic political ideologies in America. As previously stated, the two basic political parties in the America are Republicans and Democrats. “A political party can be defined as a group of individuals who organize to win elections, operate the government and determine policy” (Sidlow & Henschen, 2014). Political parties are divided on the issue of big government as it relates to (1) economics and (2) social issues. One of the major concerns of both these groups is how the government plays a role in solving the economic difficulties of the country. Both political parties argue about whether the government should have an active regulatory role in economics or if there should be more of a capitalistic free market, hands off approach of the government (Sidlow & Henschen, 2014). Democrats are generally more left on issue of government control; believing in government regulation and government programs to…

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