The War I And World War II Essay

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Countless times in history, two sides have gone to war with each other to settle disputes or change their circumstances. The colonists fighting against the British in the American Revolution and the French and Indian War are prime examples. World War I and World War II are also instances in which two groups have decided to go into war in order to resolve issues. Through all these wars, new technology has been brought out in order to make militaries stronger and more capable to defeat opposing forces. World War I introduced three key elements to warfare in the tank, aircraft, and the aircraft carrier. These three new forms of machinery impacted the way war was fought in the Second World War. How did the use of tanks, aircraft, and aircraft carriers change from World War I to World War II? Tanks were first used in WWI but not to a great extent. Tim Nash, a British Historian and professor of European Studies at Oxford University describes why tanks were first manufactured in his article “Weapons Used in World War I.” He explains, “Tanks were first manufactured during World War I in an effort to break the bloody deadlock of trench warfare” (Nash 1). Tanks allowed soldiers to move across barbed wire while taking minimal damage to themselves. Before tanks came about soldiers were forced to run across no man’s land to invade the enemy trenches. Enemies shot at soldiers while in no man’s land which was the area between opposing trenches. This division of trenches was often very…

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