The Tone And Mood Of The Iliad

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"What god drove them to fight with such fury?" The Iliad, written by Homer, a Greek poet, was a story that outlined the war between the Greeks and the Trojans. Books 1, 6, 22, and 24 takes us through a journey first about Agamemnon, Achilles and their victims. Then about Hector, Paris ' brother going away to battle and his wife mourning his death prematurely, then Hector dying in book 22. And lastly book 24 illustrates Hectors father, Priam, king of Troy, begging Achilles to accept his ransom and give him his sons body back to be dealt with and mourned properly. The Iliad is thousands of years old, and still the misogyny overcomes all else. The first book of the Iliad has an extremely violent and angry tone about it. Achilles, son of the …show more content…
The tone behind this particular chapter is increasingly more loving, caring and human. Hector, the son of the king and queen of Troy, brother to Paris, must return to Troy to fight. When he finds his wife Andromache, and his newborn son Astyanax, and informs her that he is returning to the fight, she is grief stricken. She cries to him "Reckless one- my Hector! Your own fiery courage will destroy you! Have you no pity for him, our helpless son? Or me, and the destiny that weighs me down, your widow, now so soon". She is immeasurably anguished at the thought of her beloved husband returning to the war to ultimately die. She fears his death, being a widow and having a fatherless son. The chapter ends with Hector leaning down to kiss a son he just met before departing. The emotion in this chapter; the love, the fear and the courage is overwhelming, and my heart bleeds for Andromache, her soon to be dead husband, and the child that will never know …show more content…
In this chapter Hector arrives at the gates of Troy and stands outside of the gates, too ashamed to enter. Achilles returns and Hector confronts him. When Hector realizes there is no way to negotiate with Achilles, he runs. Achilles chases Hector around the city three times before Hector stops and faces him. Achilles throws his spear in the spot he knows to be the weakest in Hectors armor, because it was once his armor, and kills him. When Hector falls, dying, he begs Achilles to return his body to his family for proper burial. Achilles refuses and allows his body to be mauled by stray dogs and birds. He then ties Hectors body to his chariot, and drags it through the dirt. The way in which Achilles treats Hectors body is obvious that he loathes him, however the way in which he treated his body was cruel and unfair; regardless of how Hector mistreated

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