Essay on The Wage Gap And The Minimum Wage

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Throughout history, a wage gap has existed between genders. It has slightly closed since the 1960’s, but is still existent today. Recent studies have shown that the average working woman makes 78 percent of what the average working man makes. In other words, women make 78 cents to every dollar a man makes. (Vogtman and Robbins, 1). It is evident that this gap needs to close. Although the wage gap is said to end with time by some; others believe it can be stopped by raising the federal minimum wage, encouraging coworkers to discuss their salary, and increasing the flexibility of work hours in jobs.
If the federal minimum wage is raised, the wage gap will close. The National Women’s Law center found that two-thirds of those working in minimum wage jobs are women. Concurrently, two-thirds of the workers in jobs that have low wages and allow tips are also women. Also, women make up about half of the workers that earn a salary that is equal or below minimum wage. (Vogtman and Robbins, 2). To put it simply, “The high concentration of women in minimum-wage jobs.” (Vagianos, 1). It has been shown that states with higher minimum wages have a smaller wage gap. In 2013, states that had a minimum wage of $8.00 had a wage gap that was 22 percent smaller than states with a minimum wage of $7.25. (Vogtman and Robbins, 1). If the wages of those working at the bottom of the spectrum are raised and the wages of those at the top of the spectrum remain the same, the gap between the earnings of…

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