The Virtue Of A Person 's Life Essay

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According to Aristotle virtue ethics encompasses the idea that happiness can be found in a person’s lifetime, and ultimately, the aim of all human actions is happiness. Virtue is an activity learned through repetition (2006, pp. 65-83). Aristotle believes one’s virtue of character must be taught, and he states, “…none of the virtues of character arises in us naturally” (2006, p.68). I believe virtue of character is mainly taught through one’s environment and upbringing. I also believe a person is born with the ability to recognize good and evil, especially heinous actions like murder and abuse. Instinctively, most human beings have the ability to recognize heinous acts and are disgusted by them. A moral compass if you will. Then, reinforcement training of virtues helps an individual start the formation of virtuous habits.
The early years of my life combined character teaching of good and evil. My father died when I was eight years old, and I believe this was God’s way of protecting me from the evil of a vile man. Even though my character was damaged by this man, I instinctively knew the misdeeds he performed were immoral. From the time of his death, I was raised by a single mother with five brothers. The evil inflicted upon us all by our father took some of us longer to recover than others. Some of my brothers succumbed to the evil that was inflicted upon them and it took them longer to find their way back to leading a happy life. One brother in particular found his way…

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