Essay on The Violence Of The United States

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At 6:56 am in the small, rural town of Wauseon in 2012 there was a call to the local police department to report what was thought to be a drive by shooting. However, when the police arrived on the scene they realized there was no drive by shooter, it instead had turned out to be three teenagers that had been playing with a shotgun and accidentally fired it off. One of the teenagers, Michael Swartz who was 13, was killed and the other, 14, was convicted of negligent homicide. The other was found innocent and faced no charges. They weren’t delinquents or troubled teens, they were your average middle schoolers. They liked to play sports and they liked to joke with their friends. The shooting shook their small town in a way it had never been shaken before. The violence that had touched so many places around them had finally found its way to affect them too.
It seems the misuse of guns in the United States is prevalent everywhere. It’s seen in schools, in stores, gas stations, parks, and so many other places that should be considered safe. Guns have been used to protect us since the birth of our nation, yet all they seem to do today is spark fear in the citizens that have been protected by them. Of course there are those who are still responsible gun owners and don’t fear the weapons, but instead respect and take of their guns. In Michael’s case, the boys were home alone and the shotgun was left on the coffee table: loaded. The owner of that shotgun is one of the examples of why…

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