Why Is It Important To Take Gun Control Essay

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When the 1,000 gun related incidents are broken down, the statistics can be shocking. Death and injuries spike to children under the age of five. Nearly 90 deaths occurred at the age of three, and most of them were self-inflicted. Death and injuries spike again between the ages of fifteen and seventeen, most of these involve a friend. Most of these 1,000 incidents happen at the minors’ own home. (Foley, Ryan J., Fenn, Larry and Penzenstadler, Nick) The United States has a moral responsibility to protect these individuals that clearly need to be protected. Imagine how a parent would feel, knowing that their child was hurt or even died from that parent’s own gun. That parent would wonder forever if it would not have happened if they had just locked up the gun or not have bought it in the first place. Instead of protecting their child from harm, they inadvertently caused the harm. Granted, there will …show more content…
In August 1987, a single gunman armed with two legally owned semi-automatic weapons and a handgun went on a six hour shooting spree, killing sixteen people and then himself. This caused the United Kingdom to expand their list of banned weapons, including some semi-automatic weapons. In 1996, a middle-aged man used four handguns to kill sixteen school children and one adult. This mass-shooting brought on even stricter gun laws banning handguns with a few exceptions. It also sparked a gun buyback program, which has taken numerous guns off the streets. Norway is known to have some of the strictest gun laws in the world. Although Norway’s gun laws are viewed as tough, most citizens do own some sort of firearm. While the gun ownership rate is relatively high, the gun related homicide rate is very low. Most police officers do not carry any sort of firearm. There was one mass shooting in 2011 that killed 77 people. Many argue that if police carried guns, this mass shooting would have stopped a lot

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