The Violence Of The Football Essay

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Fridays you’ll see the town decorated in colors of the team. You’ll see your mascot posted in every store window with streamers and ribbons. People who have written on their car windows with the team slogan. The cheerleaders are at the primary schools passing out spirit ribbons and pom poms. The football players walk in the school with their jerseys on overly hyped for it to only be 8 o’clock in the morning. Then you would know as the local news station would call it its football Friday nights Everybody is talking about the game and what they’re going to wear. Taking bets on who’s going to win, and you have those that are comparing stats between players. The teachers seem more laid back and at ease. School flashes by in a blur due to everybody ready to see our boys take the field. When its game time the town is completely dead and no one is at the shops, local boutiques, and even the McDonalds is empty. It’s as if you could hear crickets from the dead silence like you’re in one of those movies where a comedian makes a bad joke. Steve almond says in his book America well the south is a football factory. I have not lived all over America but only in the south. I would say this is most definitely true. Almond goes on to say “the driving ambition is not education but entertainment” Most students will put more time and effort into winning a game then they would in making an A. They’ll exercise to strengthen their muscles but would forget about the most important one the brain.…

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