The Violence Of A Violent Crime Essay

1675 Words Mar 29th, 2016 7 Pages
Junior Research Paper
Right now 200,000 people will be part of a violent crime. What if you had a gun to protect yourself from the crimes? Most people who are trying to protect themselves are using bats and other things what if the other person had a gun what will you do a bat can’t stop a bullet but if you had a gun you would have a better chance of serving or even preventing the crime from happening to you. The current president is trying to take guns away from the people, how are you going to protect yourself the police don’t have 1 sec response time. In a survey people shown that if you had a gun you would feel safer and 70% of the time if you had a gun the crime committer does not even want to mess with you. Guns protect more than 3 million gun owners every year from violent crimes. In our 2nd amendment right we have the right to bear arms but the government and other groups are trying to take that right away from you “If the government is trying to take any right away from the people you should fight back because once the government has more control you won’t be able to fight back or even protect yourself and your family. In a court case a man was breaking and entering a house with a gun and the home owner pulled out his shotgun and said back away the the suspect fired and then the homeowner fired and the suspect died the homeowner was charged with 2nd degree murder . Then the homeowner brought the case to the Supreme Court and got the ruling overruled then he sued…

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