Essay on The Violence And Potential Gun Policies

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Many news sources covered gun violence and potential gun policies in the wake of the Umpqua Community College shooting in Oregon. Each news outlet that covered the issue did it in a slightly different way, and in many cases with some bias. This bias can be caused by a variety of factors, such as the outlet’s target audience, who sponsors the outlet, and even the author’s socioeconomic background. The Washington Post is one of the most well respected news sources in world on both the Internet and in print. The Post showed why it is so well respected in its October 9th article “Most gun owners support restrictions. Why aren’t their voices heard?” This article was very fair to both liberal and conservative policies by showing that not everyone needs to be on the fringes, there is a center option. This article is all about showing that there are people who are neutral and that that is okay. The article tries to give “gun owners who occupy the middle ground [and] complain that they are rarely sought out or heard” a voice in the national media. This seems to be as unbiased as is possible for any news organization. The Washington Post’s dedication to neutrality is most likely due to its long history and reputation that it must uphold. According to the Post’s about page on their website, the paper was founded in 1877. This means that it has been in print for 138 years, which is a long time to learn how to be a neutral news source that is able to accurately report the news to the…

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