The Violence Against Women Law Essay

1424 Words May 16th, 2016 null Page
Unlike the United States and Sweden, Afghanistan is still constructing a proper society after the Taliban regime (1990’s-2001) still today there is conflict with ISIS. ISIS or Islamic state in Iran and Syria came about in a military style dictatorship, ISIS is a Jihadi Salafist group in which they use force and violence to fight for an Islamic state and promote sharia law. Both ISIS and the Taliban used public execution, crucifixions and terror attacks to show dominance. During Taliban ruling women were subjected to harsh unequal treatment, girls were unable to get an education, go out in public without a male, dress head to toe in cloth, and unable to have medical treatment (Drumbl, 2004). Men were allowed to beat and harm women who did not follow laws. This is changing, but there is still gender discrimination in Afghanistan. In 2009, the Elimination of Violence against Women Law (EVAW) was brought forth to end violence and abuse of women in Afghanistan. The EVAW law was not passed and women were still subjects to abuse from men. Men are still holding up to the idea they have all the power due to traditions and strict religious influences (Manganaro & Alozie, 2011). Women living in upper class areas or married exhibit higher gender norm preservation (Manganaro & Alozie, 2011). Women in Afghanistan are striving for better opportunities and rearing toward gender equality. Afghanistan’s strict religious laws are forbidding women to strive in the economy, politics and society…

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