Essay on The Violence Against Women Act

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Crimes committed behind closed doors, such as domestic violence within the family home were considered to be less problematic than crimes within the public and were often disregarded among public concern. Although, now violence against woman is becoming one of the most prevalent problems in America. Violence against women can be in the form of physical, sexual, verbal, stalking, financial and other ways in which men use their power, given by the society, to harm women. In the past, this problem was called domestic violence but has recently been changed to violence against women because the term domestic violence does not demonstrate that all cases of domestic abuse are men injuring women. Male domination and patriarchy have been under challenge by feminists and the woman’s movement in recent decades. In 1994 the United States government passed legislation called the Violence Against Women Act to combat this problem and in 2000 the Violence Against Women Act was enacted again to strengthen the existing Act. Throughout most of the world, more often than not, woman are usually the victims of violence. It has been shown that most of the men committing these crimes against women were not strangers. Most men want to be in control at all times and if for some reason they are put in a position where they aren’t in total control, than they become violent against their women partners whether it 's whom they live with, work and socialize with. Domestic violence is an ongoing problem,…

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