The View Of The Motion Picture Divergent Essay

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The motion picture Divergent is a great example of many different theories discussed in this course, how societies work. It depicts some of these theories on several different occasions. Hegemony and Alienation are two concepts that are shown and elaborated upon in this picture. In this post-apocalyptic film, the dystopian society that has be created to differ from our own, but shows potential risks or warnings to the society overall.
In terms of Hegemony, it can be defined as “the control of the ruling class over a society’s belief system… it has embedded in it the notion that the dominant class maintains its power through a combination of coercion and persuasion” (Naiman 2012, 317). Meaning the more powerful class overpowers the remaining classes in the society to control the society. This can lead to conflict in a society, because the more dominating class is not always right and can face challenge. “While force or the threat of it can be used to maintain the social order” (Naiman 2012, 143), ultimately it is the function of the society that will keep it in order. There are many rules and classes that are apart of hegemony that are exemplified in the movie Divergent. These rules are enforced through the society with the consequences often being quite high. Such as “instantly dismiss alternative views and rarely question the basis for our own” (Naiman 2012, 143), will never allow to truly learn from the differences in society but enforce their own.
Hegemony was evident in…

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