The View Of Future Technology Essay

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The View of Future
Technology has become a trend that opens the doors to the exploration of surreal technological features. That places us closer to the future people imagined. However, this futuristic world could trap our lives. Instead of enjoying the sunlight and fresh air, we will imprison and control by machines. Everything, people, animals, plants, and objects will be monitoring by machines, and our body, thoughts, and decisions would not have anything to express. Moreover, they will depend on technological devices to survive and entertain themselves. In the book Feed, M.T. Anderson attacks capitalism and technology by comparing his vision of the future and to the modern day. Anderson tries explaining how the usage of smartphones and education warn society about over-reliance on technology in order to prevent his vision from becoming a reality.
Children, teenagers, and adults find new forms of entertainment through the usage of smartphones. Recently, these devices are booming in the markets. As a result, big companies like Apple and Samsung have the power to control the system of telecommunication by promoting high- level services. These corporations offer devices that are somewhat similar to the feed. In the book, Feed, Violet’s point is that “seventy-three percent of Americans have feeds” (112). In other words, Violet believes that the influence of the feeds is increasing and dominating the social lives of Americans. In fact, Violet is furious about the lack of…

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