The Vietnam War: Causes Of The Vietnam War

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Vietnam War is one of the wars that United States of America was a part of during the cold war to fight against the communism. Frdrick Dowes throghout his book says that this war was a surprise to him and he didnt expect so much brutality to happen. The war lasted for more than 20 years from 1954-1975 according to encyclopeadia britanicca and was one of the biggest indochina wars.The war itself had many casualties that even caused uprisings in the homefront. There are still veterans who have not mentally and emotionally made it home because of the autrocities that happend from the vietnam war. When we look into this timefreme of the United States history we can see that the war was a serious loss to America and its allies during the war.Many …show more content…
Many issues also came from the lack of hygene that was offered in camps. Hygeine is an important aspect of human health and it is one of ways to prevent viruses. Without proper hygine many troop members had trouble fighting againt diseases that would keep them inactive, temporarily disabled, or even at worse death .Throughout the war, disease accounted for 70.6% of all admissions with the remaining approximately equally divided between battle casualties (15.6%) and non-battle injury (13.8%). Many reasons of non battle injuries included elements such as not having clean water, damp conditions with humid weather, pollen and plant allergies, Mosquito infestation and even at times having unprotected sex. Another reason that still a problem today was the use of Agent Orange. Agent Orange is a herbicide which is used to destroy enemy agriculture and food source. This was used by the british first but then later used by the United States to fight the communist Viet Cong. irrigtation. This has caused many veterans to now have many complecations with breathing and at times has cause many skin and respitory infections and diseases which have same effects as breathing

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