The Video Will Our Kids Be A Different Species By Juan Enriquez

1048 Words Sep 27th, 2015 null Page
The video Will Our Kids be a Different Species by Juan Enriquez raises a variety of questions about the human genome and where future generations are heading. During the first few minutes of the video Enriquez introduces the expansion of the universe. He explains the formation of the galaxy, Earth, and life. He then introduces the process of genome mapping and how different genes are being discovered that might show humans are different. He explains how it is now possible to recreate organisms and human organs from a single skin cell and a few chemicals. Finally, he talks about the brain and how there has been an emergence of neurological changes such as autism and hyperactivity that might not be an abnormality, but an evolution of the brain. Like Enriquez, I believe that science and technology is developing at a rate that humanity is not ready for. Genetic mapping and recreation has the potential to be beneficial but it could also be detrimental and only time can demonstrate how future generations will appear and whether or not society can support these rapid developments. There is no denying that the human race has grown and evolved. Enriquez states that life has been wiped out approximately five times and each time it rebuilds to be more complex and knowledgeable. There are several theories out there that suggest we are the last version of humans to exist. There are also theories that suggest we will upgrade and modify into better versions. With that being said it is…

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