Essay on The Video Presented By Gary Slutkin

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The video that was displayed in class regarding violence as a contagious disease is an interesting outlook in viewing violence. In the video presented by Gary Slutkin who is an
Epidemiologist, which is a physician who specializes on what causes diseases, how diseases spread and how diseases can be contained. Slutkin began his career in Somalia, and attempted treating Somalians and containing diseases in this area. His experience as a physician is broad; since he spent many years in foreign countries trying to aid in intervening against many epidemic diseases. It is important to discuss his credentials and experiences to be able to analyze and understand his argument, ideas and point of view regarding violence. Violence has existed since the inception of man. Steven Pinker who is a psychology professor in Harvard University and is the author of both, How the Mind Works and The Blank
Slate has dissimilar views of violence than Slukin does. Pinker believes that the violence that is seen in today’s society is not near close to the most violent era in human history. Pinker states,
“The statistics suggest that this may be the most peaceable time in our species’s existence”
(Cook, G.). It is important to examine and comprehend other expert opinions to obtain a complete understanding on violence, its origin and see if Slukin’s ideas and methods are valid. Returning to Slukin’s ideas and methods, he states that when he returned to the United
States, he was not…

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