The Victorian Age Of Victorian England Essay

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What is the Victorian Age known for? The Victorian Age refers to the period of time in which Queen Victoria reigned over England. This time period became characterised by multiple developments in almost every field of interest within Victorian England (Shepherd). The two biggest fields were work or leisure related. Leisure activities seemed to expand due to the widely increasing rate of literacy among the people of England (Shepherd). The activities of football or soccer, music halls and the traditions of Christmas were just some of the ways leisure was expanded.
In this time period, one of the world 's most popular sports emerged. Folk Football, better known as soccer, had been played in towns according to their customs and most of the time the game was played, there were very little rules (Joy para 3). These games did not even remotely replicate matches that are played today. Despite the high popularity of game, leisure time during this time period became very reduced and this was due to the creation of industrialization and urbanization throughout England (Joy para 3). Reduced leisure time was also combined with prohibitions against the violent and destructive forms of the matches (Joy para 3). However, this did not stop the people from continuing to play this sport. In order to have more leisure time, citizens of the towns moved folk football to the winter where it would be played between residence halls at independent public schools (Joy para 3). With this, a debate…

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