Essay on The Veterans Of Foreign Wars

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What Does the VFW Do to Honor the Veteran Community?
There are many concerns within the veteran community that require assistance. The 2014 census revealed that there were 49,993 homeless veterans in America. (“The President’s 2016 Budget: Fact Sheet on Homelessness Assistance” 7) In 2015 the veterans’ hospital in Phoenix, AZ was highlighted because it was discovered that more than 200 people died while awaiting treatment. ("Report: 200 Veterans Die Waiting for Care at Phoenix VA as They Build New Backlog of Cases - Conservative Daily Review.") The Veterans of Foreign Wars is an organization that strives to be a leader in combating the issues veterans face. Since these shocking statistics, the VFW has implemented programs to combat homelessness with donations and shelters and put veterans’ healthcare in the national spotlight which immediately received attention. The VFW demonstrates honor to its members by continually fighting for veterans’ rights. Honor as used in this paper refers to taking care of one another and looking after each other’s best interests. Throughout this paper, I will be investigating the Veterans of Foreign Wars to clearly define this organization, who it’s composed of, and how the VFW honors it’s fellow veterans and community.
• What is the VFW and who is this association designed for?
The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) as a whole may be a national organization, but there are countless small “posts” spread over the United States. “Posts” are local…

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